About Ric Harber- Owner

Ric Harber has spent 40 years in seafaring in roles up to and including command of ships, marine consulting and client (Offshore Oil Company) representation.

Ric has been a resident of the Mono area since 2000, and during that time, he has developed an extensive network of contacts and has access to all manner of contractors and tradespeople of good repute, with a repertoire of skills and abilities which is bounded only by the limits of one’s imagination.  This network forms the basis of his business, which he launched in the late fall of 2016. 

Captain Ric Harber-Owner

About the Services

There are many home and business owners  (both full and part-time residents) in Dufferin County, and most of them, due to their busy professional or private schedules, are unable to  spend the time to source and research the better quality contractors locally…. the reliable ones, with diligence, honesty and proven track records.  Furthermore, any shortcomings they may have with regard to local knowledge may cause them to inadvertently hire the “wrong guy for the job”, thereby leaving themselves open to a myriad of frustrations and other problems.

The service I am offering is to not only research and source the appropriately qualified contractor, but to manage the entire project on behalf of my clients from start to finish, with efficiency, full communication and discretion.  Simply put, I will “make it happen” and with minimal disruption or inconvenience to the client.

Don’t settle for any port in the storm.  Always choose the SAFE HARBER.

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